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Here at the Fish Cafe we pride ourselves on offering our diners the freshest, highest quality seafood available, every day. With the introduction of FC Fresh Seafood Market in 2005, the Barramundi Boys added a unique aspect to our already premium seafood restaurant. FC Fresh Seafood Market sees daily deliveries of the freshest seafood avaible, which in turn finds its way to our specials board in the restaurant.

While we would love to have the time to update our specials page daily, we are so busy sourcing premium ingredients for our daily market special that we don't always get around to it. Sometimes we sell it all before we even get a chance to try it ourselves! So to whet your appetites, please feel free to view some of our recent specials, and what's currently in season.







please note some links may still be under construction.

FISH - just like any other fresh product, seafood also has seasonal varieties.

Click here to find out what fish are in season now.


SHELL FISH - Owing to water temperature variations, and regional differences, our shell fish aren't always from the same area.

Click here to find out what shell fish is in season now.


FRUIT & VEGETABLES - We could use imported ingredients to maintain a constant supply of particular items, but why not support Local and Australian growers, and offer our customers the finest quality ingredients, by using what's in season, in South East Queensland?

Click here to find out what Fruit and Vegetables are in season and on our menu now.